… sometimes bold and lots of story – that’s us, writer Sabine Radebold and writer/director Richard Caesar. Our passion is the development and realization of gripping scripts for film, streaming and TV.

As a former actress, Sabine cares for dialogues that one can actually speak and Ric as a director for scenes that work not only on paper.

Sabine Radebold

started her career as an actress in film and TV, before switching to writing in 2006. Her recent work includes pilot and second episode for the ARD 90min. primetime format “Über die Grenze”, as well as the equally successful ZDF drama “So weit das Meer”. Her two scripts for the prestigeous German 90min-format “Tatort” (“Helpless” and “The Return”) are part of  the “Tatort: Highlights” collection of the ARD.


Richard Caesar

is looking back at more than two decades of directing feature film, TV, commercials and theatre. His feature film “The Calling” (Constantin Film) was shot with international cast in Great Britain and released all over the world. The Munich Film School (HFF) graduate wrote several screenplays in German and English, owned a VFX production company and works as a photographer since film school days​.

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Sabine & Ric wrote the scripts for three episodes of the ZDF-primetime-series “Mordsschwestern” (ndF/akzente), as well as the pilot script for their planned miniseries “Waking Demons”.

Currently, the teleplay for the comedy “Sechs Richtige” is being written for ZDF (prod.: Bantry Bay, co-writer: Andreas Bradler). Furthermore, several other projects are in development with different production companies (see below).


Ric and Sabine prefer to direct selected projects themselves. Simply because it’s the smart thing to do: Who’d know their scripts better than the two of them?

When directing together, Ric’s high visuality and his long-term expertise in all technical and artistic aspects is perfectly complemented by Sabine’s many years of acting experience.

Work Samples

Über die Grenze

Pilot, ARD, 90min
Screenplay by Sabine Radebold, Felice Götze​

So weit das Meer

ZDF, 90min
Screenplay by Sabine Radebold, Paul J. Milbers


S01/E04 – “Die Made”, ZDF, 60min
Screenplay by Richard Caesar & Sabine Radebold

The Calling

Feature Film, 90min
Directed by Richard Caesar

Über die Grenze

E02, ARD, 90min
Screenplay by Radebold, Götze, Milbers

Fantasy for a New Age

Feature Film, 40min
Written & directed by Richard Caesar


Commercial, 90sec
Directed by Richard Caesar​


S01/E04 – “Der Dünne Piet”, ZDF, 60min
Screenplay by Richard Caesar & Sabine Radebold

In Development

Waking Demons

Miniseries, 6×45′
created by Richard Caesar & Sabine Radebold

Sechs Richtige

Dramedy, 90′
created by Sabine Radebold, Andreas Bradler


Thriller/Crime, 90′
created by Richard Caesar & Sabine Radebold

Engel auf Bewährung

Crime, 90′
created by Richard Caesar & Sabine Radebold

Der Werwolf von Hannover

Miniseries, 6×45′
created by Sabine Radebold, Paul J. Milbers

Things we left behind

Drama, 90′
created by Richard Caesar & Sabine Radebold

Picture by Carolin Otterbach


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